Stay Connected Anytime & Anywhere

Mobile Wi-Fi

Turn any spot into a hotspot.
Mobile Wi-Fi is a great way to connect up to 5 of your devices when you're out and about.
Key Features

Perfect to use at home, in the car, camping and anytime you're on the move
Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices at one time
No need for a USB port or wires
Small and ultra weight pocket device
Up to five hour battery life
Speeds of up to 43.2Mbps

Take advantage of Geographical Positioning System and find your way hassle-free.
Navigation +

Your Journey, Made Easy

GPS,WiFi Hotspot and Tablet Together

Use Navigation + as follows;

Navigation GPS for directions all around Turkey
Pocket WiFi to access highspeed internet from your personal devices via WiFi
Tablet with applications to make your trip better (Guides,Maps,Local information,Entertainment)

For each day of device rental,you will receive 200 MB of 3G high speed data use allowance.
You can also get additional data access quota if you need to.
You can share the internet with your personal devices via hotspot option.
You can use the GPS option even when your internet quota is finished,you can also use the device with unlimited wifi where WiFi is available.
For more info, click and see the demo which will take you less than a minute.

*Before you add this option to your reservation,check if it is available in the location you rent your car from.